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Human Brain Organoids Facility

Main Image #1

Main Image #2

A forebrain organoid in culture (left). Confocal image of a forebrain organoid slice immuno-stained with fluorescent markers (right), Gkogkas lab


We have established a facility to generate human brain organoids (3D self-organising structures of different regions of the brain used as a model to study brain development) from hiPSC or hESC.


This facility includes: 2 incubators dedicated for work with brain organoids, a biosafety flow cabinet and and an EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System for visualization and imaging. The facility also includes bioreactors for large-scale preparations.

Equipment Photo #1

Class II biological safety cabinet containing the EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System

Equipment Photo #2

CO2 incubators dedicated for brain organoids work, containing digital shaking platforms and bioreactors