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    Mediterranean Diet and Cancer

    Epidemiological and other studies have shown that the plant-rich Mediterranean Diet (MD) protects people against cancer and many chronic diseases. MD is characterized by increased consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, unrefined grains/legumes, and olive oil, moderate consumption of fish, dairy products, and red wine, and low consumption of red meat.

    Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) contains phenolic compounds that are associated with the beneficials effects of EVOO consumption. Research studies indicate that EVOO rich in phenols has a cardioprotective effect and lower cancer incidence. The aim of our research is to estimate the biological activity of olive oil samples by developing  in vitro assays that reconstitute the in vivo activity. The experiments are performed in various cancer cell lines, see figure below.

    Wheat is one of the three basic plants (wheat, olive, vine) of the Mediterranean diet and is the best known plant in the history of human nutrition in Europe and the Middle East belonging to the cereals, which are divided into oilseeds, legumes and grains. We examine the effect of increased wheat productivity in comparison to primitive wild native wheat species regarding the anti-cancer effect of their phytochemical/phenolic compounds. The experiments are performed in various cancer cell lines.